Hello kitty! Leopard face reconstructed from ancient Egyptian sarcophagus

Hello kitty! Leopard face reconstructed from ancient Egyptian sarcophagus

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Snow leopard

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With global numbers of more than million individuals, the domestic cat Felis catus is amongst the most common pet in the world today. Although modern genetic data indicates that the South-West SW Asian and North African subspecies of wildcat Felis silvestris lybica is the ancestor of all modern domestic cats [1], both geographic and temporal details regarding its domestication history remain largely conjecture.

In Egypt, paintings dating to the th century BC Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty have long been considered the earliest clear evidence for cat domestication [2,3]. However, the recent discovery of male and female cat skeletons along with four kittens belonging to two different litters at the Egyptian Predynastic elite cemetery of Hierakonpolis HK6 , provides new zooarchaeological evidence for the earlier cultural control of cats during the Naqada IC-IIB period c.

Minor morphological differences observed between the purported wild ancestor Felis silvestris lybica and early domestic cats, led scholars to suspect that cat domestication began even earlier than Ancient Egyptian times-at least prior to when visible osteological changes occurred on their skeletons and teeth.

Therefore, the presence of cat remains at much earlier archaeological sites from Cyprus dating from 10, to 8, cal BP, i. Late Pre-Pottery Neolithic A, [PPNA] to Khirokitia phase [] and another complete cat skeleton tightly associated with a human PPNB burial dating to cal BP at Shillourokambos [6], provide intriguing evidence for their human introduction to the island and suggest that at least some cats of apparently unchanged wild morphology were not only commensal, but already on their way to being domesticated in SW Asia during the early Holocene.

Earliest “Domestic” Cats in China Identified as Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)

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Officials at Essex County’s Turtle Back Zoo briefly shut it downlate Sunday morning after staffers noticed Megan, an Amur leopard,did not.

Review sample kindly supplied by Modellbau-Koenig. Late in , Revell released a completely new-tool Leopard 1. This kit depicted an early production Leopard, dating from , therefore celebrating the 50th anniversary of Leopard 1 going into production, and service. In the box we had options for production batches 2, 3 and 4 in service with German, Belgian and Dutch options notably hull-side toolboxes and Dutch smoke launchers. There were mixed reviews and mixed feelings towards the kit.

Personally, I liked the kit. It was the first cast-turreted Leopard 1 to accurately depict the shape of the turret, and particularly the rangefinders, in plastic. It depicted the early style DE2 chevron tracks though in vinyl. It was simple to build with numerous interesting options. Granted that there are some fit problems, sink marks and some simplification. However, please realise that Revell’s market is not the same as the more hi-tech companies like Meng or Takom.

Sorry Boys Daddy Says No Dating Leopard Set

Thomas Chapman. One of the eight-week-old Sri Lankan leopard cubs plays with mother Sariska in their enclosure at Banham Zoo. The adorable images show the Sri Lankan cubs wrestling and playing with their mother, Sariska, in their enclosure at the south Norfolk attraction.

Here we present the first absolute dates for stone-built ‘leopard traps’ that were in use There are also remarkably similar constructions dating to the nineteenth.

Resolving the historical biogeography of the leopard Panthera pardus is a complex issue, because patterns inferred from fossils and from molecular data lack congruence. Fossil evidence supports an African origin, and suggests that leopards were already present in Eurasia during the Early Pleistocene. These contrasting patterns led researchers to propose a two-stage hypothesis of leopard dispersal out of Africa: an initial Early Pleistocene colonisation of Asia and a subsequent replacement by a second colonisation wave during the Middle Pleistocene.

The status of Late Pleistocene European leopards within this scenario is unclear: were these populations remnants of the first dispersal, or do the last surviving European leopards share more recent ancestry with their African counterparts? In this study, we generate and analyse mitogenome sequences from historical samples that span the entire modern leopard distribution, as well as from Late Pleistocene remains.

The phylogenetic placement of the ancient European leopard as sister group to Asian leopards suggests that these populations originate from the same out-of-Africa dispersal which founded the Asian lineages. The coalescence time found for the mitochondrial lineages aligns well with the earliest undisputed fossils in Eurasia, and thus encourages a re-evaluation of the identification of the much older putative leopard fossils from the region.

Female leopard gives birth inside hut in Nashik, Maharashtra. Video of 4 tiny cubs wows people

These “slender-clawed water workers” spend much of their lives submerged, though it’s known they are the only member of their family to consume other seals. Region: Antarctica. The diet of a particular Leopard Seal depends on its size. Smaller seals will depend more on krill, fish, squid, and penguins, while larger seals will attempt going after other members of the seal family. Leopard Seals hunt penguins by floating in waters near edges of ice or land where penguins have congregated.

A new report from a UN agency suggests that wildlife traffickers are substituting jaguar and leopard parts for in-demand tiger parts.

What happens when wildlife traffickers experience a higher-than-usual demand for tigers? Some traffickers have opted to substitute parts of other big cats for the more in-demand tiger parts. The report notes that the increased demand for animal parts has led to concern over the fates of numerous endangered species. A rise in seizures of tiger products, which commonly include bones for tiger wine and tiger paste in China and Vietnam, has meant that traffickers are increasingly sourcing parts from other big cats, passing them off as tiger products in some cases.

The report notes that jaguars, clouded leopards and snow leopards have all been used for this purpose. The agency is also worried that lions may face a similar fate. Read the full story at The Guardian. Sign up for InsideHook to get our best content delivered to your inbox every weekday. And awesome. Popular at InsideHook. Chicago Los Angeles New York.

Nekojishi #3 – Dating a Clouded Leopard

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